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Welcome to HOOPS and TOPS

Oil is not the best subject in the world - But it is an essential part of life.

The world nowadays is so fast paced, rarely do people have the time to sit down and call all the local oil companies to get the best price.

So why not leave it to HOOPS (Holbrook Oil Purchasing Syndicate) and TOPS (Triangle Oil Purchasing Syndicate) we group all the local oil orders together with other local residents, we make the calls and order in bulk to get the best price we can. We may not always be the cheapest, but we strive to get a good saving and also provide the service to our members, taking the hassle away from you. By bulking deliveries together we also try to reduce the amount of lorries on our local roads, helping to save the environment.

HOOPS and TOPS is simple you join - order - pay the chosen supplier - get your oil delivered and save money!

Have you ever wondered how much people in your area are paying for heating oil? Are they paying less than you? Well join HOOPS or TOPS and benefit from the same low price as your neighbours.

HOOPS is available to residents in and around the Shotley Peninsula in Suffolk, we have members from Holbrook, Stutton, Tattingstone, Freston, Chelmondiston, Shotley, Erwarton and Wherstead, not sure your in this area? please contact us

TOPS is available to residents in and around the Newbourne area of Suffolk, we have members from Newbourne, Falkenham, Waldringfield, Bucklesham and anywhere in the IP12 Postcode.

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